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Clean Communities Environmental Student Exchange



To convene a “Think Tank” of students committed to researching and solving environmental problems, to encourage students from diverse backgrounds to find common denominators in solving problems, and to promote an awareness of the natural environment and the cleanliness ethic.

The deadline to register is December 31, 2019.  Sponsors will be invoiced for registration fees at $60pp. upon receipt of the registration forms. Purchase orders or checks must be received by March 1, 2020.

  • Participation will be limited to 12 students per school or school district, grades 5-12.

  • Schools must be sponsored by a municipal or county Clean Communities Program.  Sponsor must agree to pay a registration fee of $60pp, finance bus transportation, and purchase polo shirts for students and teachers. (A limited number of scholarships may be available.)

  • The program will be a 2-day workshop; schools must agree to overnight on the evening of March 26 at The Flanders Hotel in Ocean City.

  • Teacher coaches must work with students to develop Units of Study. Topics must be approved by staff in the Clean Communities office.

  • Each participating school or school district must submit at least 2 topics.  Topics will be a required field in the registration form.

  • Coaches and students must track their environmental journey with photos, comments, challenges and solution ideas on social media outlets.
  • The environmental journey will be a 6-month project culminating in the 2-day workshop that includes multi-media presentations, project boards, and/or environmental works of art, for a gallery walk finale.
  • Students must come prepared with digital media video clips, photos, clipart, headings, Units of Study challenges, solution ideas, plan of action that are research-based to add to the team discussion and final presentations.

The goal is to produce meaningful, research and evidence-based discussions and viable environmental solution ideas related to Units of Study.