1986 – New Jersey Clean Communities was created by the passage of the Clean Communities Act.

1988-1993 – Clean Communities Act was amended to streamline the process for disbursing grants.

1989 – NJ Department of Environmental Protection released a statewide, visual Litter Survey.

1993 – Governor’s Executive Order changed the disbursement of Clean Communities funds from grants to state-aid; eliminated program administration and oversight provided by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection; and increased funding for the state parks service. 

1995 – Clean Communities Advisory Committee received status as a 501c3 nonprofit corporation; and became the New Jersey Clean Communities Council, Inc.

2000 – Clean Communities Act was passed; the Act provided funding for a nonprofit solely dedicated to litter abatement education; funding was disbursed to the Clean Communities Council.

2003 – Clean Communities Act was reauthorized with an appropriation of $4 million to for the State Recycling Fund and increased funding for the nonprofit solely dedicated to litter abatement education; the Clean Communities Council set up an office at 479 State Street in Trenton and hired its first Executive Director.

2004 – Clean Communities Council released a statewide, visual Litter Survey; and began to implement the plan-of-action recommended by the Litter Survey; launched Urban Cleanup Team program.

2006 – Best Practices Committee released the first Best Practices in Clean Communities CD.

2008 – Recycling Enhancement Act was passed; The Act provided a mechanism for funding for the State Recycling Program, increased the State Clean Communities Program Fund by $4 million, and increased funding for the Clean Communities Council to conduct a media campaign that would sustain a reduction in litter.

2009 – Clean Communities Council launched the Slam Dunk the Junk media campaign; honored the first New Jersey Clean Communities Environmental Ambassador.

2011 – Clean Communities Council assumed responsibility for New Jersey’s Adopt-A-Beach program; launched online statistical reporting system.

2012 – Clean Communities Council partnered with the NJ Department of Transportation to resurrect New Jersey’s volunteer Adopt-A-Highway program.

2012 – Partnered with the Atlantic County Utilities Authority to launch the Online Reporting System for statistical report submission.

2013 – Clean Communities Council launched the Clean Water Challenge to occur annual on March 1-April 30.

2014 – Celebrated New Jersey’s 350th Anniversary and released the History of Trash and Clean Communities video and activity guide.

2015 – Partnered with Rutgers University Office of Continuing Professional Education to launch the first Clean Communities Coordinator Certification program.

2016 – Partnered with Coca-Cola North America Group to launch the NJ Beach Bird campaign.