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Cumberland County Sportsmen Federation Wins “Volunteer Award” by New Jersey Clean Communities Council

VINELAND, NJ – June 28, 2018 – The Cumberland County Sportsmen Federation (CCFS) has won the “Volunteer Award” from the New Jersey Clean Communities Council.

The CCFS is an organization of individual sportsmen, sportswomen, and sportsmen’s clubs in Cumberland County. The CCFS is continually active and dedicated in cleaning up their community, said NJCCC Executive Director Sandy Huber.

The Cumberland County Improvement Authority holds “Trash Hunts” every year and the CCFS continues to be a major contributor to the litter-fighting initiative.

“The CCFS is an organization comprised of outdoor enthusiasts,” explained Rita Danna, Clean Communities and Recycling Coordinator at CCIA. “Its members enjoy and preserve the wooded and public lands of Cumberland County. They want to take care and enjoy the beautiful area that we live in, and make sure it stays that way.”

Nearly 300 individuals signed up for the 2018 “Trash Hunt,” with the CCFS recruiting more than a third of them.

“They are just an amazing group of people,” Danna said. “The `Trash Hunt’ that takes place every year wouldn’t happen without this superb group and the volunteers who are associated with it.”