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N.J. Clean Communities Honors Delaware Township’s Kathleen Klink

SERGEANTSVILLE – The N.J. Clean Communities Council (NJCCC) recently honored Delaware Township’s Kathleen Klink with its 2018 “Clean Waterways Award,” for her ongoing river cleanups and for providing hands-on environmental education to young people.

Klink, the municipal clean communities coordinator, organizes regular volunteer cleanups along the Delaware River, often enlisting help from local youngsters to teach them the value of community service and preserving their environment.

“Our goal is to have a clean river and environment, but to also educate our children,” said Klink “If we can teach the younger generation how to do it correctly, we are helping our Earth and ourselves in years to come.”

Klink’s volunteer groups often finish their work with dozens of bags of trash, glass, plastics and, at least on one occasion a ten-foot rubber hose.
“These groups will remember what they find. They will remember that they made a difference and, hopefully, they will want to keep making a difference throughout their lives,” she said.

“Kathleen has a great heart,” said NJCCC Executive Director Sandy Huber. “She’s the kind of person we need to help lead and educate our children.”
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