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New Jersey Clean Communities Council Honors Jackie Wallace with the CCESE Volunteer Award

WILLIAMSTOWN, NJ – (IMMEDIATE RELEASE) – Jackie Wallace, a Clean Communities Coordinator for Monroe Township, was awarded the Clean Communities Environmental Student Exchange Volunteer Award from the New Jersey Clean Communities Council (NJCCC).

Wallace received the CCESE Volunteer Award for her dedication and drive to educate students about keeping the environment clean and the value of litter cleanups across New Jersey, starting in her community.

“The state coordinator reached out to me years ago and asked me to get a bunch of students together for a cleanup,” Wallace said. “That’s how it all started. We are now in our ninth year of the student exchange program. We have to remember it’s all about the younger generation, they’re our future.

“The kids get so excited about the cleanups too. First they study the environment and about litter for six months. After six months, they bring their knowledge back to their hometowns and apply what they learned. These students are from all over too, cities, rural areas and shore towns. So not only are they learning about litter, they learn about culture and our state. My goal is for the students to carry what they learn with them and make our state a better place to live,” Wallace added.

“Jackie takes pride in our state, as everyone should,” NJCCC Executive Director Sandy Huber said. “The younger generation is the most important generation. If they learn about these topics while they are young, they can take that knowledge with them throughout their life and make a difference, and Jackie knows that. She focuses her work on it.”

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Jackie Wallace