New Jersey Clean Communities

Sponsored by the
New Jersey Clean Communities Council, Inc.
And the
New Jersey Department of Transportation


Adopt-A-Highway (AAH) is a program developed by the NJ Department of Transportation (NJDOT), in conjunction with the NJ Clean Communities Council (NJCCC) to encourage businesses, community organizations and individuals to clean and maintain portions of state highways.

How does Adopt-A-Highway work?

In order to adopt a highway, a business, community organization or individual must—

  • Select a section of a state highway to clean.
  • File an application online (click here) requesting permission to clean the selected highway
  • Wait approximately two weeks for the application to be approved

Once application is approved,

  • Execute a two-year Agreement with NJCCC agreeing to clean the highway at least six (6) times a year, abide by safety regulations, follow protocol established by NJDOT for pick up and disposal of trash and recyclables and file Report Cards online after the cleanups. Photos need to be taken of filled trash bags post cleanup.

Once the Agreement is executed,

  • NJDOT will install one AAH Recognition Sign on each side of the highway your group chooses to clean. A name placard will be placed below the sign identifying the name of the business, community organization or individual cleaning the particular section of highway.
  • NJCCC will provide supplies for cleanups including bags for trash and recyclables, gloves, safety vests and AAH safety signs.
  • NJDOT will pick up and dispose of trash and recyclables.
  • All volunteers must participate in at least one safety training workshop conducted by NJCCC.

NJDOT will not permit volunteers to adopt state highways that are deemed unsafe or have been previously adopted. NJDOT and NJCCC reserve the right to cancel the Agreement and remove the signs if the terms of the Agreement are not observed.