Business and Nonprofit Initiatives

Clean Business Association (South Plainfield) 

The South Plainfield Clean Business Association is a network of volunteers dedicated to creating and maintaining an attractive environment in the borough’s commercial and industrial areas.   

Members pledge to follow the Clean Business Association Standards which are:

To Promote and maintain an attractive, clean, safe, and environmentally sound business area, members agree to:

  1. Provide and maintain litter containers and waste disposal bins.
  2. Keep place of business free of obstructions and free of litter.
  3. Keep sidewalks, street frontage, alleys, parking lots, backyards, loading/uploading areas free of litter and debris.
  4. Ensure that delivery vehicles are loaded and covered properly so that the contents do not leak or fall out onto the roadway or other public areas; provide a litter bag in the cab for the driver’s use.
  5. Provide and maintain a receptacle near store exits for depositing shopping flyers.
  6. Weed, mow grass, clean up dead leaves and tree branches, and dispose of them properly.
  7. Enhance landscaping by trimming and maintaining trees and shrubs and when appropriate, planting new trees and shrubs.
  8. Keep and maintain property consistently on a year-round basis.

Association members also participate in South Plainfield’s annual Volunteer Litter Clean-up Week.

Members receive a decal that identifies them as a Clean Business Association member.  Annual Glitter Awards are provided to recognize a business that has improved its appearance.  A Glitter Award sign is place in front of the award-winner’s business and a press release is sent to the media.



The cleaner a property is, the less likely people are to litter so please consider the following suggestions for a litter-free work environment

Best Practices For Businesses:

  1. Place adequate number of receptacles (garbage & recycling) in parking lots as well as inside and outside all building entrances. Use covered trash containers to eliminate trash from spilling or blowing out.
  2. Establish a regular schedule for emptying trash and recycling containers rather than emptying them on an ‘as needed’ basis.
  3. Establish smoking areas with appropriate cigarette butt receptacles for employees and customers.
  4. Remember to locate recycling and trash containers next to each other; label them with proper wording and pictures.
  5. Ensure roll-offs have adequate storage for quantity of waste generated between pickups.
  6. Educate employees, especially maintenance staff, that litter is not acceptable and should be picked up.
  7. Have employees conduct a Litter Cleanup Program in and around the property and post pictures in company newsletter or on website. Don’t forget trapped litter around fence lines.
  8. Prohibit dissemination of fliers on windshields.
  9. Provide receptacles at drive up windows before window, in shopping cart areas and parking lots.
  10. Don’t forget to prevent litter from fleet vehicles too:
    • Require tarps on any vehicles transporting materials
    • Instruct drivers to pick up materials that have fallen off their load
    • Add litter bags to all company vehicles


  • Empty trash and recycling containers regularly!
  • Provide adequate number of receptacles (garbage & recycling)





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