Green Events

Here are some ideas for holding a Green Event:

Litter-Free Events Signs from Morris County and Fairlawn

FairlawnLitterFreeSignSigns advertising a Litter-free event can be used for many different outdoor events. Having the Clean Communities logo on the sign makes people associate the logo with litter abatement and taking pride in their communities. You can create messages for your signs to suit your intent. Litter is unsightly and can cause harm or injury and has a negative impact on the environment. In addition, the public often needs to be reminded to use appropriate containers, to use trash receptacles, in order to prevent litter and to keep recyclables separate from trash. The colorful signs are friendly reminders of this.

Signs can be loaned to other county departments and municipalities for their events. The signs can be reused for many years and a great way to use Clean Communities grant money. The more people see the signs the more exposure Clean Communities gets! Win-win!


Union County Litter Free Event

Union County held their first litter free events in the summer of 2006 in conjunction with the Department of Park and Recreations’ Summer Arts Series which feature outdoor concerts in the park. General attendance at each event generally runs from 2,500 to 5,000 people.

Modeled after the Keep America Beautiful Concept, the County initially sold the event as a night off for the maintenance crew, asking everyone to please cleanup their garbage and recyclables (see script which was read to the crowd). During the first litter free event, the maintenance crew were brought on stage, and were recognized for their hard work and given a round of applause. Several reminders were given to the crowd as the night went on and the program was a huge success. After the event, which hosted approximately 5,000 people, less than one bag of garbage/recyclables were picked up from the venue!! A decision was made to have every summer concert a litter-free event.

The cost of the program was limited to purchasing two types of bags (small clear bags for recyclables and larger white bags for garbage – see bag artwork). Four foot banners were also made and installed at all entrances to the event (see banner artwork). And lastly, wooden posts were made and installed to hang the bags, near the garbage and recycling containers.

As you can see from the UNION COUNTY LITTER FREE banners you passed as you walked in, tonight Union County is hosting their first LITTER FREE event. That means that we are giving the Park Maintenance Staff, who work so diligently every week to set up and break down each of these events, a little help!!! (recognize them on stage!!)

We are asking your participation to help keep our parks clean by making sure you throw away or recycle all of your trash. There are separate bags available for your trash and your recyclables located at three separate areas in the park. Please use as many as you need and deposit them in the designated cans as you leave our event tonight. Once again, we thank you for your help and lets give the Park Maintenance crew a round of applause for all their help!!!


Bag Artwork

  • WORD (Download for Garbage Bag Artwork)
  • WORD (Download for Recycling Bag Artwork)


 Banner Artwork

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